Botox - Nefertiti Lift

Botulinum toxin (BTX) 

Of the most widespread non-invasive methods worldwide, botulinum toxin type A causes transient, selective relaxation in the mimic muscles that cause wrinkles. Focusing on areas of the face with intense expressivity, we have in a few days reduction in expression wrinkles, giving a fresh, younger look. Botulinum toxin can significantly reduce facial wrinkles, those of the frowning area (glabella), while impressive results are observed in the area around the eyes (crow's feet). The plastic surgeon Panagiotis Sandris is specialized in the botulinum toxin applications, with constant updating and improvement of the methods used. He uses the special "Functional technique" for natural results without the unwanted "frozen" features, strongly raised eyebrows or alteration of expression.

The sessions take place every 4-6 months. The doctor reassesses the completeness of each treatment (15-20 days after the initial application) for any small touch up.

In people who want mild results, BABY BOTOX is applied, with smaller amounts and special treatment planning.

2018 is an important year because the new botulinum toxin product that does not develop antibodies is now available in Greece (and does not need the use of a refrigerator for its preservation). It is ideal for people who don't get results any more with any other product used so far.




Botulinum toxin applies only for the upper part of the face?
No, the contour (oval) of the face can also greatly benefit:
The solution is heard in the name of Nefertiti Lift, which addresses both the jaw line relaxation and the vertical folds at the sides of the neck.
With very slight pinnacles at specially selected points, a result similar to the mini lift is achieved, reminding of the amazing neck of empress Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.
The result: a perfect oval, with significant improvement in the jaw contour, in the area under the jaw and at the sides of neck.
Another point where there is a significant reduction in relaxation with the use of botulinum toxin is the area at the side of the mouth ("sadness wrinkles" or pupper lines), making an upswing and "sweetening" the appearance of the corners of the lips.
Treatment is applied twice a year.