CRYOLIPOLYSIS - (Cryoliposculpting) 

Removing fat, unnecessary fat, treating local thickness without surgery. Cryoliposculpting is the next generation of lipolytic methods that reduce the need to resort to extensive liposuction or adipose tissue remission surgery.
While traditional liposuction continues to be a popular option to get rid of excess body fat, there is now a new exciting choice: overheating and then freezing fat cells until they decompose, with a process known as Cryoliposculpting ) .
The cells in our body react to heat or cold at different temperature levels. The cryolipolysis device uses a sophisticated head that uses negative pressure, encompasses the area of ​​local fat to be treated, and then performs intense cooling (-10 ºC) that selectively affects the cells of the fat.
Especially for areas with a persistent local problem that can not be dealt with by even the most intense physical exercise, only cryolipolysis can offer such beneficial effects in the elimination of adipocytes. The body reacts with an inflammatory reaction that causes the natural disintegration and phagocytosis of damaged adipocytes.
The cryolipolysis process does not require anesthesia or recovery time. In Lasermed, to achieve even better results, we start the Cryolipolysis session with strong Monopolar RF preheating, causing a double shock to the adipocytes. The head is then applied which, under vacuum, envelops the treated area and starts cooling. There may be initially a little uncomfortable feeling, which gradually subsides after about 2-3 minutes. The head is designed to allow safe reduction of fat tissue around muscles, nerves and bones. Cryolipolysis cooling penetrates more into the areas with a greater lipodystrophy problem and poor metabolism - retains while acting milder in areas with a thinner layer of fat, leading to physical sculpture of the body.
After completion of the cryolipolysis session there is a slight erythema for 20-30 minutes. You can immediately return to your daily activities (including work and exercise in the gym).