Laser Epilation

Get rid of unwanted hair on face, neck, armpits, arms, chest, nipples, back, shoulders, bikini and legs!

After two and a half decades of improvements and technological advances, Epilation Laser has been established as the main method for treating unwanted hair growth.
 The main points of excellence of Hair Removal Laser are the permanence of the effect, the fast and fairly painless application and the safety - both during the epilation treatment for our skin (by selectively destroying the hair follicle from the light beam that does not affect the surrounding tissues) and for the overall health of the body over time.
Other Important Facts About Epilation Laser Treatment:
An extinction of pseudo - folliculitis problems has been identified especially in the bikini region of women and legs, especially shins. There was also a decrease in the tendency for acne due to the segamm regulation achieved.
The skin in the area after the end of all hair removal sessions is much even and smoother, due to the indirect "photorejuvenation" and the reduction in the diameter of the skin pores.
The plastic surgeon Panagiotis Sandris has one of the longest-lasting experiences of using - among other things - Laser epilation (in Greece in 1995 he was using the first official Ruby Epilation Laser).
Using the latest generation of Laser Alexandrite with a separate external cooling system, faster, more effective and safer laser hair removal is now a fact!
The ideal technical features of the system offer multiple advantages:
1. Fast treatment thanks to the combination of a large treatment surface (2cm2) and a fast repetition rate (2Hz).
2. Versatile treatment due to head interchange from 12-18 mm, for both small or inaccessible spots, and for large-scale depilation.
3. Reliable and safe treatment using instead of the usually used instantaneous cryogenic spray, continuous air flow at -27 ° C from the independent cooling system, achieving:
• Precooling (more painless application)
• Simultaneous cooling with laser pulse (more safe treatment)
• Post cooling (minimizing erythema after treatment)
4. Safe treatment thanks to the adjustable pulse length (from 0.5 to 100 msec), which makes treatment possible in darker skins and in difficult or "turned" hairs.
It increases the inherent potential of Laser Alexandrite to be the most effective in thinning hair and peach fuzz.
5. Minimize discomfort and Maximize results using 5 bursts pulse.
Areas of Deployment Laser Deployment:
Chest - around the nipples
Back, shoulders
Feet and generally where there is undesirable hair growth.
Prices for depilation treatments start at € 30 for the face and € 40 for the body.