At LASERMED center, Lipolysis is a drastic method of reducing local fat. Its applied under the chin, arms, belly, back, waist, hips, inner thigh, both for women and men.
A Lipolysis Network based solution based on phosphatidylcholine, an enzyme that is a component of bile and used by our body to break down the fatty acids of food, is used. That is why the treatment is absolutely safe.

Gradually, in one and a half month we have loss of points and local tightening, resulting in the silhouette being sculpted without resorting to invasive techniques.
Usually 2 to 3 sessions are required with an 8-week interval during which lymphatic drainage massage /or Endermologie sessions are applied at least for 3 weeks. 
Plastic Surgeon P. Sandris is a member of Lipolysis Network since the beginning of the application of the lipolysis method in Greece.