Hyalouronic- Liquid Face Lift


Based on the ultimate training in injectable implant techniques and choosing the safest and best-in-durable and textured materials, the application is done with absolute dedication to the "naturalness" of the result.
The other important aspects are:
The ideal doctor-patient collaboration in choosing the best and most aesthetically perfect solution.
The artistic virtues of the Doctor.
The ability to completely treat painlessly and avoid bruising and irritation (with the appropriate and sophisticated way of applying injectable implants and using appropriate after-treatment care).
The result is the improvement in characteristics, the reduction in wrinkles, lines and "dentures" in the face for a duration of 9-12 months at areas with pronounced expression, and 12-15 months at all other


A sophisticated way of overall improvement in the features, natural curves and contours of the face,  Liquid Face Lift. We had new announcements of even more improved techniques at the latest World Congress of Plastic Surgery,
With a suitable combination of injectable materials (hyaluronic, botulinum toxin, mesotherapy), we do
  • Mild Lift to those facial features that show "ptosis".
  • Reduce wrinkles, folds and lines.
  • Restore on natural "curves" on the face.
  • A more glamorous, relaxed and energetic face in the face
  • More friendly smile.

Duration in results exceeds 9 months (usually over one year).