A classic treatment evolves significantly!

Aesthetic problems like skin loosening, wrinkles, skin aging, local fat, cellulite, hair loss, are benefited by Mesotherapy. .

Mesotherapy has been in place since 1958 in France, by injecting into the mesoderm (between skin and subcutaneous fat) the appropriate formulation (vitamin, antioxidant, lipolytic, tightening or anaplastic). Over 280 drug combinations have been used so far. Essentially this way we can get guaranteed performance from the active substances, unlike with external use where the actual penetration rate from the skin barrier is small.
Mesotherapy is considered as one of the best methods of Aesthetic Medicine for dealing with many aesthetic problems (skin relaxation, wrinkles, skin aging, local fat disposal, cellulite, hair loss problems, etc.).
Mesotherapy is done is by applying micro-injections to the areas we employ using microneedles of 4-6 mm in length that are thin as hair, either with a superficial application (Napage) or papule technique.
The latest development is the combination of mesotherapy with another regeneration technique, Needling.
A special mesopistol device with 100 to 500 micro pinches per second can combine the effect of both methods after stimulating the regenerative mechanism along with the action of mesotherapy agents. The whole process is completed without any pain and with minimal irritation.
Depending on the mesotherapy protocol with a suitable combination of active substances, we can have antioxidant,-anti-aging, firming, thin wrinkle reduction and hydration effects, that lead to a more fresh and healthy skin.
Ideally, mesotherapy is combined with other applications (HIFU, RF, Thermage, Lasers, Botox, Hyaluronic) for even more impressive results. 
The drugs used in cellulite mesotherapy are mainly herbal preparations and herbal extracts that increase lipolysis and facilitate microcirculation and metabolism in combination with enzymes and other active substances (phosphatidylcholine, caffeine, procaine, pentoxifylline, hyaluronidase, etc.)  that have lipolytic, firming and lymphatic drainage  properties that result in imroving microcirculation and enhancing the degradation of adipocytes.