Monopolar RF

Monopolar RF Facial Treatment

1.What is facial treatment with monopolar RF?
The system uses the most advanced monopolar RF technology. It has been shown by clinical studies that it tightens and makes a mild Lifting of the skin, so that the wrinkles are smoothened and the face contour is refreshed. This non-invasive procedure is easy and painless, it does not take us away from our everyday activities. Unlike laser treatments, it is applied to all skin types and during all seasons.
2. How does it work?
The Monopolar RF system uses a sophisticated Gel coated head (disposable, per person) that delivers RF in a controled way and distribution. When it comes in contact with the skin, the special head evenly and deeply heats the collagen of the deeper layers of the skin and underlying tissues, while protecting the skin by cooling. This uniform and in-depth effect directly induces tightening on deeper skin structures. Over time, new and reconstituted collagen is produced by making even more tightening, leading to a healthier, smooth and more youthful look.
3. What do we feel during the treatment?
During RF transmission, the patient feels a mild sense of heating the skin and the underlying tissues, indicating that collagen reaches ideal temperatures for maximum firming effect (there is a special laser thermometer to even better track the course of treatment). The physician in this system can also control the frequency/depth and the intensity of the RF to bring the best result with the greatest sense of comfort during treatment. It also helps to cool the surface of the skin protecting the skin while making the treatment very comfortable.
4. How is the treatment done?
Initially we need a good de-makeup and facial cleansing. A special ground pad is placed on the patient's back to close the RF circuit. The patient is photographed before the start of the first session to monitor the outcome of the treatment. Then a special Gel (ZIP) is applied, which contributes to the ideal penetration of RF and to the best movement of the head to the skin. The head end is covered with a special one-time silicone GEL protector for complete and uniform RF emission. A scan begins in the areas of the face, depending on the degree of relaxation and the thickness of the skin in each area. The doctor asks the patient for the level of sensation of heat throughout the treatment, and with a special system he measures the temperature at each point in order to achieve the best possible result.
5. How long does each session last?
Depending on the extent of the area under treatment and the degree of relaxation, the duration is from 15 to 40 minutes.
6. How is the skin feel after treatment?
Immediately after the end of the treatment, we have the feeling of tighter, smoother and younger skin. The improvement continues for the next 2-3 weeks and ends in 2-4 months.
7. When do the results look?
Recent studies show that full results appear after 2-4 months. However, a large number of patients see significant improvement much earlier, as early as 20 days.
8. How long will the results last?
Monopolar RF treatment results in immediate tightening of collagen structures, with further tightening in the coming months. Unpublished studies show that the results are over 2 years, depending on the natural aging process of each patient.
9. Is Monopolar RF safe?
Treatment with Monopolar RF has an extremely high percentage of safe application. The only reports are for mild irritation and swelling, which subsides rapidly within a few hours.
10. Advantages and Benefits?
Above all, there is no recovery time: we return to work and our other obligations directly after treatment. The choice of method means no lance, drains, bruises or stitches. It costs significantly less than surgery and does not have a post-operative follow-up program.
11. Which is the ideal for Monopolar RF?
The ideal person is the one who presents light to moderate relaxation and is a marginal candidate for face lifting. He can avoid surgery for several years if early treatments with Monopolar RF begin. Also people who had already a face lift but have areas that have not been adequately corrected: they can improve even more with Monopolar RF. Monopolar RF is done alone or in Combination with other applications: For example, in case of photo-aging, one starts by tightening with Monopolar RF and continues with Lipolift for ideal oval face, mesotherapy, hyaluronic and botulinum toxin to eliminate deeper wrinkles as well as photofacials or skin bleaching treatments for a shiny and uniform skin.