Plasma Blefaroplasty

Blepharoplasty without a scalpel

Now we can achieve results similar to a surgical blepharoplasty, without the discomfort, pain  or possible side effects of an operation.
This is the advanced medical method based on "electical" microcurrent parks. It is the most innovative application for direct tightening in the sensitive area of ​​the eyelids. Plasma is the fourth form of matter (Solid> Liquid> Plasma) and is released when an electric field of millions of Volts with a duration of femptosecond (10 -15 Sec) is created. During micro-discharge there is a minimal thermal effect and a maximum degree of skin contraction ("Lift").
The treatment starts with the tightening of the upper eyelid area that shows relaxation and folding then it continues in the lower eyelid with persistence in the wrinkles and lines as well as in the "crow's feet". We insist on the upper eyelid fold which gradually decreases then with the micro-spots (500 nm) we scan the rest of the upper eyelid area till we achieve the improvement we want.
 It is a cure that magically shows an immediate result while its carried out. The regeneration-reconstruction and creation of new collagen by the fibroblasts is very rapid.
Depending on the degree of relaxation-dropping of the eyelids, 1-3 sessions are required. 

PLASMA Blepharoplasty is the pioneering treatment that turns back time into youthfulness!