Thermage Face & Body


Facial tightening therapy, wrinkles, facial relaxation

Is the most effective system in Aesthetic Medicine for skin tightening in face and body.
A sophisticated form of the well-known revolutionary method based on radio frequencies. It offers spectacular facial tightening results in a minimum of time and, most importantly, painlessly and safely. P. Sandris, plastic surgeon specialized in non-invasive applications and Scientific Director of the Center of Plastic Surgery "LASERMED" analyzes this method below.

With a session of about 35-40 minutes, the jaw contour is fine-tuned, resulting in a very beautiful oval. The cheekbones are highlighted and raised, the cheeks look more "smooth," and at the same time the wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, the forehead and around the eyes become gentler - while the face generally looks more "relaxed". The result is an extremely youthful look, part of which is already evident at the end of the treatment. The facial-body tightening by Thermage does not require any kind of anesthesia. After treatment, the skin does not show irritation, so we can return to everyday activities immediately after, without any need for rehabilitation.
How we apply THERMAGE at LASERMED:
The THERMAGE for facial-body tightening starts by scanning using the head of the device the relaxed areas with 5-7 consecutive passes and specific intensity parameters depending on the degree of the problem and the thickness of the skin at each point. In our medical center, THERMAGE is applied with the exclusive Dynamic Lift method. By specifically dragging the skin in the direction of the Lift and using appropriate parameters, we achieve the treatment of relaxation with even more pronounced facial "lifting" effect from the day of treatment without any irritation. The whole process is far more painless than in the classical way and has a significantly longer duration in the final result, over 2.5 years. 
The areas where THERMAGE is applied are:
FACE THERMAGE for facial and neck tightening achieves great improvement in oval (contour), we give a better shape and lift the cheekbone area, we reduce the relaxation on the cheeks and we smoothen the wrinkles on the forehead and glabella
With EYES THERMAGE we reduce the relaxation in the upper eyelids to 60% -70%, while reducing the "bags" on the lower eyelids, resulting in a more relaxed, youthful look. During treatment we have ocular protection with special eye covers.
This important development in non-invasive therapies helps us to get a better quality in our overall image without altering our facial features and without annoyance or disturbing our lifestyle.



Body tightening treatment - cellulite - relaxation

Tight body with one treatment? Yes, with THERMAGE we can see for the first time such a significant improvement both in cellulite and relaxation, with sculpting in the contour of the body. 
Dr. Sandris informs us about the body tightening therapy with the advanced THERMAGE BODY XL 16 cm2 heads:. These cover a 5 times larger surface area (16 square centimeters instead of 3 of the single ones) while having an effect on deeper layers (subcutaneous, adipose tissue), achieving greater tightening and more direct effect. The treatment is totally painless and without any irritation afterwards, and there is a direct tightening of 2-6 cm, on the arms, belly, thighs, periphery, while the "bumps" of the cellulite is significantly "smoother" by squeezing the lip cells.


Exclusively in LASERMED, the application of BODY THERMAGE with the Dynamic Lift method helps to raise the inside of the thighs as well as to create a better shape in the area of ​​the buttocks with a "round" upplift contouring, while reducing cellulite significantly. Relaxation over knees and elbows is greatly reduced from the day of treatment. Relaxation in the abdomen, either after pregnancy or after weight loss, is significantly reduced to 60-80%. It is also very effective in laxity of the arms, reducing the "hanging" but also smoothing the relaxation of the arm insides.
It has no side effects or contraindications, it is done all around the year.
Gradually after 3-4 months we have the full effect, lasting for 2.5-3.5 years. The duration of body tightening session - relaxation - cellulite reduction was significantly reduced in half an hour for arm or belly and one hour for thighs + circumference, while in the special way it applied covers larger body surfaces and became much more affordable.